Resources for Active Duty, Veterans and Military Families

Peak Military Care Network (PMCN) connects our community’s military service members, veterans and their families to the highest quality resources provided by our trusted community partners. Service members, veterans and family members are able to receive help from PMCN by phone (719-577-7417), online or in person.

PMCN has 41 partner agencies who are committed to understanding military and veteran culture and the unique needs of service members, veterans and their families; these agencies are also committed to working together to meet all the needs of individuals and families to provide holistic support for our military and veteran community.

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Do you have questions about employment, education, social services, physical and mental health, and other topics? Visit our comprehensive resource and referral directory, library and assistive devices marketplace and the answers are a mouse-click away.

PMCN is feeling the Olympic spirit! Here in Olympic City USA we know

what it is like to support all kinds of champions, especially our

military service members, veterans and their families. 




Message From The Chair

“As PMCN’s network of partner agencies continues to grow and the PMCN team increases information and assistance, navigation and outreach capabilities, we are able to expand our capabilities to meet the needs of service members, veterans and their families.  Thanks to collaboration, collectively we are better able to meet the needs of our military and veteran community.” — Lt Gen (Ret) Edward Anderson, Chair, PMCN Board of Directors

A Veteran’s Mother’s Appreciation for PMCN

“Your spouse, son, daughter, family member served our country and there is help out there. The first step is picking up the phone and asking, ‘where do I go for help?’ …You may feel like you are in a dark tunnel and may be intimidated to make that first call, but if you ask for help, there are so many people to help; they guide you, they give you strength.”
-Sally, Mother of a Veteran