Military service members, veterans and their families can connect to resources in the Pikes Peak region through telephone assistance or online. PMCN is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Dial 719-577-7417 to speak with a PMCN Navigator or Click Here to complete and online contact form and a Navigator will follow-up with you directly.
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The Peak Military Care Network has identified key service categories that address the breadth of needs for service members, veterans and their families. These categories are interconnected and overlap; providers may serve clients in more than one of the categories, and individuals and families may have needs that fall under more than one service category.


Please note that some services may not be covered through TRICARE or VA benefits or other insurance. Individuals and providers should verify any costs, service coverage or out-of-pocket expenses for any services.

Services addressed by PMCN and our partner agencies:


An educational, problem solving approach that connects families and individuals to services and resources that empower them to self-sufficiency, such as benefits assistance, legal services, financial readiness/training, & support.


Emotional, cognitive, psychological and mental health services for the well-being of individuals and families.


Support for a family member or paid helper who regularly looks after a child or a sick, elderly, or disabled person.


Services that support the well-being of children and families in our community, such as child care, early intervention, child welfare, dependency and neglect, parenting classes and support, youth programs and more.

Crisis Intervention, First Response and Domestic/Family Violence

Emergency care services and sympathetic, non-judgmental, safe refuge and crisis intervention services; these services bridge individuals and families over to longer term transitional solutions.


Programs and services to save lives, empower victims and educate the community about issues of domestic violence and sexual assault.


A multifaceted, broad spectrum of educational services that are flexible and adaptable for the multiple and complex needs of children and adults.


Services that connect individuals and families to education, training and resources that empower them to long term stability.


Services to connect those in need to programs who grant financial assistance and budgeting assistance, as well as help with obtaining and utilizing VA and other benefits.


Assistance in finding affordable housing and how to budget for housing expenses and connecting homeless individuals to emergency, transitional and permanent housing options.


Variety of traditional & non-traditional medical & physical health services. While providers of complementary alternative medicine may be included in the network, these services may not be covered by TRICARE, the VA or other insurers.


Services that address basic needs and improve the safety and living conditions of children, families and individuals in our community.


Therapy and support services for persons with unhealthy pattern of substance use (including illicit and prescription drugs) that result in significant problems.


Programs and services that help individuals and families with reintegration or transition needs (such as returning from combat, transitioning from military to civilian life, etc.).

Peak Military Care Network: Project COPE Agency

PMCN is happy to announce that we are a Project COPE Agency! Project COPE, from Colorado Springs Utilities, provides utilities payment assistance to families and individuals struggling financially due to a personal crisis or emergency. Project COPE is the only local organization that dedicates its entire funding to utilities payment assistance year-round.

PMCN is dedicated to serving military, veterans and their families through Project COPE funds.  We are the only agency that is military and veteran focused and is not zip code restricted. In January 2017, PMCN has already served two military families through Project COPE, totaling over $800 of assistance, preventing their utilities from being disconnected.