``We didn’t know how we were going to pay our bills.” Once Daniel was able to connect to PMCN partner agency resources, including Rocky Mountain Human Services, Operation TBI Freedom and other services, he was able to get the help he needed. “These connections were a huge help because small steps lead to huge success.``
- Daniel, Army Veteran

We greatly appreciate the kind words we have received in response to the development of the Peak Military Care Network. But this effort would not be possible without the shared commitment, throughout the Pikes Peak region, to working together for the public good. To the military leaders, service providers, lawmakers, policy experts, educators, business community, and most of all- to the men and women who have served our nation- we extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.

``We need pretty much every kind of support there is: educational, vocational and financial. Soldiers should know about all of these things that are out there to help. It is stressful trying to get a job in this economy and get set up in school. If I hadn’t had all of this lined up and organized the way I did, I would have been totally lost.``
-Brian, Army Veteran